Tribal Development Programs


Name of the Project

Activities carried out



Empowering tribal people with socio economic activities in Kanyakumari District. – DSt, New Delhi.

-Conducted awareness camps in tribal villages and formed associations.

-Collected information about bamboo & cane product making, food processing and herbal garden development.

-Selected the beneficiaries for training to the above three trades separately.

-Procured the necessary equipments for the training.

-Provided training to the selected trainees separately for each trade.

-Technical, financial and managerial support were made for establishing production centres.

-60 tribal people were obtained skills on income generation activities using the locally available resources.

-The earning capacity of the tribal people increased.

-The tribal associated themselves as co-operative and nun the production unit.

-Evolved SHGs and micro financing activities function properly.

-Vellambi malai, Koovaikadu and Velmalai, Tribal people benefited.


Bamboo Products Preparation Training – District Collector through Forest office

Training on bamboo products preparation provided to 20 trainees.

-20 people from the tribal community gained the skill on bamboo products making.

-A viable employment opportunity evolved to the tribal community using the local resources.

2007-2008 & 2008-2009

Uplifting the status of Tribal in Vellambimalai by S & T intervention in Pottery Industry. – DST, New Delhi.

-Pre arrangements for the training such as work shed, installation of machineries and equipments and collection of raw materials were done.

-15 people from the tribal community were selected by the committee organized for monitoring the program.

-Activities such as clay processing fabrication techniques.

-Such as throwing, casting, moulding, Jiggering etc including the fabrication of craft pottery.

-Awareness camps were organized for motivating them socio economic transformation among the tribals.

-15 trainees from the Tribal community obtained upgraded skills on pottery products with Science & Technology input.

-The sustainability of the production unit had been ensured with the introduction of upgraded S & T package in production.

-The tribal in the settlement were grouped under SHG and Bank account opened for development activities.

-Established linkages with financial institutions and departments for financial assistance.

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