Development activities to SC people


Title of the program &  supporting agency

Activities carried out


Intensive study on existing status of scheduled caste population in Kurunthencode Block of Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu – DST, New Delhi

-Economic situation like main occupation, earnings, average working days, migration, unemployment, live stock holdings, housing facilities in the house, savings, borrowings, cash drains, liquor practice were studied.- Studied the health status such as food habit


Survey work of low cost housing to SC people under CAPART housing program.

- Conducted survey for   finding out the potential   beneficiaries.


Functional Capability Development of SC people in Kurunthencode Block of Kanyakumari District.  – DST New Delhi.

-Conducted 8 camps for awareness among the SC people for development.
- 1. Tailoring & Garment designing
2. Fibre products
3. Computer Technology
4. Pottery training.


Propagating sanitation by introducing low cost latrines among SC population in Kurunthencode Block.

-Constructed 100 latrines in the selected 15 hamlets at  the rate of about 7 units in  each hamlets.
-Maintenance of latrines was  explained to all the  beneficiaries


Functional skill development of SC people for income generation in Thenkasi Taluk (Tamil Nadu) – DST , New Delhi.

-60 beneficiaries from 5 villages were selected for two batches of training.
-The following three trades  were chosen for training
1. Tailoring & Garment making.
2. Bricks and stabilized Mud blocks.
3. Computer Technology.


Transfer of advance technology packages to SC people in three selected technologies. – DST, New Delhi.

-Three trades such as pottery,  Bamboo & Ethel products  making-For each trade 30 trainees  were selected from the  villages.
-Linkage with Banks for  financial assistance were
developed through  motivation.

& 2007-2008
& 2008-2009

Transfer of sustainable and advanced technologies for income generation to SC people in Kanyakumari District – DST, New Delhi

-Kalingarajapuram village of  Munchirai Block in  Kanyakumari District was selected as the project area.
-60 beneficiaries for each  pottery and coir production  workers from the SC ‘ community were selected for  the training.
-Preliminary arrangement such as infrastructure, erection of equipments and machines were erected.
-Techniques on testing of clay, clay processing methods, introduction of new designs in fabrication, efficient firing and marketing. 
-Mechanical devices operation in collecting and processing fibre, fabricating  products using effective  mechanical devices, storing  the products from insects
were trained in fibre  training.

2009 -2010 
2010 -2011

Development of SC community by establishing sustainable enterprises with S&T intervention in Ilayanainarkulam settlement in Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu. – DST, New Delhi.

-Infrastructure development such as construction of training centre, erection of machines for the training was done.
-Provided training in banana  fibre and tailoring
-Provided backyard poultry  and stall fed goat rearing to the selected beneficiaries.
-Constructed low cost  latrines and soakage pits for Sanitary facility.

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