Note Books distribution to poor students:

Providing Note Books to the deserving poor students is one of the main activities undertaken during the year.  CSD has provided Note Books to 41 school going students. The Note Books distribution ceremony has been undertaken under the leadership of the village President and the Managing Trustee distributed the Note Books to the students. To encourage the students the awards were also distributed to the best students.  

Conducting Tuition classes:

It is another important program for the carrier development of school going students for which CSD is conducting tuition for the underprivileged poor students. With the limited resources CSD is conducting a coaching centre at Thirunainarkurichy where the registered office is there. Students attended the coaching classes during evening hours. Special care is taken for the students who are doing 10th and 12th standard. Moreover weekly test is conducted to promote the efficiency of the students. Best student award and prizes were distributed to the students who performed well in their carrier as well as regular attendance.

Distribution of Nutritious Food:

This is the program for the poor mothers to make use of the locally available food materials which are having more nutrients. Preparing nutritious food by using the green vegetables and leafs including pulse and other root crops is demonstrated during the meeting with the aim of promoting the health of their young ones. Lot of mothers took part in the demonstration program and they tasted the nutritious food prepared. Health based inputs were also made availed to them during the demonstration.

Health camps:

The aim of the program is to promote the health status of the poor and aged who are unable to make use of the available health facilities both in Government and private. Doctors from private hospital are conducted the camp and CSD organized the program. People were referred for treatment and CSD supported the expenses incurred for medicine to the above patients.

Eye camp:

 Now a days defect in eye sight are very common in rural areas. It is due to many factors. Normally, people in the age group of 45 and above are seriously affected by eye deceases. To help them CSD make it as an activity and using the habit of conducting eye camps periodically with the help of doctor’s team from reputed eye hospitals. The cost incurred for providing spectacles had been met by CSD.

Awareness program on Legal Rights and Privileges:

Our constitution ensured a lot of rights to the Indian citizens, under the head, Fundamental Rights. There are so many laws related to civil as well as criminal to steer up the people in the society. Basic knowledge about the rights of the people only will steer up the people from doing illegal activities. The rural population is deprived of getting awareness about the rights and privileges ensured    in the constitution. Therefore CSD had organized the legal camps.  Lawyers practicing in the court were invited for the camp as resource persons. Curriculum related to Fundamental rights, civil rights such as Ancestral Hindu property rights, marriage act, Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, special features of PCR Act, Minimum wages Act, and Bonus Act etc. were explained in the camp.

Support Service to Education:

CSD is taking active participation in promoting the quality of Education in rural areas.  It is common that the standard of the rural student is far behind the student who studies in the urban schools.  It is due to the fact that the Govt. is keeping more attention to the urban education centers than the rural ones in terms of providing infrastructure, staff and equipments.  As a matter of upgrading the skill on computer knowledge to the rural students the Governing body of CSD took an initiate to donate computers, Table and chairs, Desk and Benches etc to the rural Schools.

HIV/AIDS Awareness meeting:

Maintaining Healthy environment is another area that CSD is rendering service to the rural population. HIV/AIDS being a dangerous disease, special attention was given to disseminate messages regarding the preventive measures. CSD has organized a meeting for creating awareness among the people. The meeting conducted with the specialized personals from HIV/AIDS prevention program as the resource persons. 35 women from the near by villages attended the meeting and obtained knowledge on preventive methods.

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