About Centre for Social Development (CSD)


Preserving and promoting the local indigenous cultural heritage, harmony and artisan skills of the people and empowering socio-economically the weaker sections and discarded people of the society towards an egalitarian society.


Facilitating the grassroots dalits, artisans, orphans, women in distress of their dilapidated conditions, rehabilitate and empowering them both socially and economically through specialized staff team and suitable activities.


  • To improve the health standard of people, safeguarding hygiene and environment safety.
  • To rehabilitate the weaker section, depressed communities, socially excluded, artisan, child labour and bonded  labour.
  • To develop and establishing viable and sustainable income generation activities using locally available resources.
  • To provide infrastructural facilities with effective construction techniques to the rural poor and depressed communities.
  • To conduct community development programs for tribal, youth schedule caste and differently-abled people.
  • To provide care and support services to the needy people.
  • To identify the potential entrepreneurs among the rural people/youth and guide them towards development.
  • To help the entrepreneurs for the establishment of their own sustainable units.
  • To borrow loan for the development activities of the economically weaker section from any financial institution, private or public or government or any agency and repay the amount.

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State : All states of India.

District : All districts of India and union territory.

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