Community Development Activities - Agro Industries


Name of the Project

Activities carried out


Upgrading the Techniques of Fibre extraction and product making from Banana and agave for income generation to women – DST, New Delhi

-Contacted the Fibre extracting  artisans to find out the  drawbacks prevailing in the

   existing system and discussed  for eradication of the  drawbacks.

-Contacted the local machine  fabricating unit and fabricated some machines for   

   reducing the  drudgery with the advise and  guidance of a team of experts.

-Tested the fabricated machines  for performance and effected  necessary


-Using the machines different   occupations of fabricating fibre  from Banana and  

   agave were   done.

-Processed the extracted Fibre  and different color pigments were effected in the


-Different types of articles were  fabricated using the Fibre.

-A few of the Fibre artisans were called demonstrated the  activities.


      &                 1995-1996

Evolving Techniques concentrating Palm juice (NEERA) by Membrane filtration and preservation. – DST, New Delhi.

-The equipments and machines  needed for the experiment were  installed.

-Experimentation work started as  per the objectives.

-Experiments were conducted to  optimize the specific application  of membrane

  system and process parameter.

-Experiments were conducted  using micro filtration unit and Reserve Osmosis

  System of  membrane filtration and listed  out the findings.

-The artisans were demonstrated  the development of the  experiments in

  preservation of  Neera using membrane  filtration.




Innovating Rain Resisting mud block construction by utilizing locally available raw materials and non energy consumed additives in Kanyakumari District. – DST, New Delhi

-Conducted soil testing and finalized soil.

-Experiments conducted for preparing mud blocks under the following soil compositions.

 1. Red soil with coir pith

 2. Red soil, sand and coir pith

 3. Red soil , sand and fine  quality coir pith

 4. Red soil, sand, cement and fine coir pith.

-Mud blocks were prepared using the equipment already  arranged and cured.

-Optimized the fineness of coir pith for surface coating.

-After the pre testing of the  innovative mud block  demonstrated it to the local


-House construction activities were carried out for resistance and compressive strength.


Optimizing the techniques of Palm Juice candy preparation and providing more income generation opportunities to women. – DST, New Delhi.

-Primary arrangements such as  data collection regarding candy  production techniques, procured  equipments, raw materials, required for the training etc

 were done.

-The trainees for the program  were selected.

-Conducted the experiment and  optimized some of the  parameters such as PH, Brix,  Heating temperature, Time of  crystallization etc.

-Training conducted to the  selected trainees in candy  production process.

-The trainees were motivated to  organize themselves for  establishing collective

 production units for gainful  employment.




Vermi Composting project.

-CAPART, Govt of India – New Delhi.

-Demonstration compost pit had  been constructed at the training centre Thalakulam.

-Trainees were selected and  awareness generation on vermin  compost were provided through  seminars.

-The site for the construction of  compost pits to the selected beneficiaries were finalized.

-Constructed the compost pits in  the beneficiaries premises.

-Prepared vermin compost by the beneficiaries and used as  manure in their own fields.


      & 2002-2003

Optimizing Ginger Grass extract distillation techniques for income generation to weaker selection –                         DST, New Delhi.

-Pre arrangements such as  visiting some distillation  centres, selection of

 experimental site, establishing  arrangements for  experimentation were done.

-Trainees were selected in  coordination with SHGs of  different villages.

-Trained the trainees about the distillation process.

-Installed 3 demonstration units  in different locations for demonstration.

-Motivation trainings were  provided for group formation.

-Camps were organized for marketing and entrepreneurial  skill development.

-Linkage were developed for financial support.


Non-Edible Oil project

-Investigated the resources  available in the field area  untapped.

-Participated in two workshops  conducted by CTD, a New  Delhi based NGO.

-Conducted the marketing  survey of the collected oil seeds.




Sustainable improved technology package for value addition in extraction of oil and products evolved through AICP on Non-Edible oil Modal project in Kanyakumari District – DST, New Delhi.

-Preliminary activities such as  site selection staff selection,  layout for nodal plant

 commissioning were done.

-Networking of local parameters  for collection of raw materials  and process were undertaken.

-Machines were procured and  installed in the work shed  constructed.

-Collected raw materials and  stated the expeller for the oil  extraction and also the filter press.

-Trail extraction had been done  to optimize different parameters  of processing, economics etc.

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