Micro Credit Facility through SHG Promotion


Activities carried out



-Conducted weekly meetings and discussed about the basic needs such as drinking water, health, electricity, ration card etc and possible solutions were undertaken.

-Income generation options were also discussed in the respective committee meetings and steps were taken.

-Mahalir Mantrams organized in 5 hamlets. They were

1. Melkarai

2. Kalluvilai

3. Elanthavilai

4. Kalliankadu

5. Sivapuram


-Motivation trainings were provided to the Mahalir Mantram through the organizers of CSD.

-Problems related to drinking water, health, ration card etc were negotiated to the respective officials and get redressed.

-Three more Mahalir Mantrams formed in another three hamlets (ie)

- Ayyamparavilai

- Chadayanvilai

- Thalakulam.


-In addition to the problems related to the infrastructural, development activities of the village the Mahalir Mantram.

-Concreated their attention towards education and employment creative activities.

-Started small savings among the members Mahalir Mantrams.






-Evolved 3 Nursery schools in the following villages with the contribution of the Mahalir Mantrams.

- Melkarai

- Kalliankadu

- Ayyamparavilai

-A tailoring unit emerged in Chadayanvilai . The trainees contributed for the implementation of the program.

-Melkarai Mahalir Mantram arranged financial assistance to the group member under the Govt.Scheme.

-Thalakulam group arranged tricycle to handicapped children.


-Regular activities such as weekly meeting, savings were carried out regularly bu the Mahalir Mantrams.

-Problems related to the villages were discussed and proper activities were taken by the Mahalir Mantrams.

-Two members of the Mahalir Mantrams got marriage assistance under Govt. schemes.

-A member from Thalakulam unit received I.D card for handicapped.

-A member from Ayyamparavilai received old age pension under Govt.schemes.

-An orphan from Thalakulam village was arranged admission in an orphanage by the effort of the Mahalir Mantram.

-Financial assistance was selected by the Chadayanvilai Mahalir Mantram member for her family dispute through police intervention.

-The cheruppancode village people regained the village library right from the rich man who occupied it.

-Cheruppancode Mahalir Mantram arranged ration card to its member.

-Petitions related to total prohibition, widows pension application, MBC housing scheme applications were sent to the appropriate from by the Mahalir Mantrams.

-One more nursery school was inaugurated during the year at Karumkali-vilai . 80 children were benefited annually by the schools.


-Regular activities like village development, possibilities for income generation, savings, Govt. schemes etc were discussed in the meetings.

-Steps were taken for getting redressed of their graveness .

- widows from Thalakulam village were getting scholarship.

-The marriage assistance under Moovaloor Ramamintham scheme had been provided to two members of the Thalakulam Mahalir Mantram.

-Change of address to Ayyamparavilai Mahalir Mantram member had been effected with the guidance of the village organizer.

-Arranged old age pension to Chadayanvilai and Kaliankadu Mahalir Mantram members.

-Reminders were sent from BC housing application and financial assistance for poor school going children to vision helping hand situation.

-Started SHGs and savings in the villages.


-Activities for forming SHGs among the target group had been carried out.

-President, Secretary and Treasurer were elected in each group and opened Bank Account at the respective area banks.

-Weekly meetings were conducted and the savings were deposited in the Bank.

-This amount was withdrawn from the Bank lended as loan to the members as loan to the members as loan.

-The leaders of each the Thalakulam office and provided Training in managing the SHGs, account maintenance and reporting.

-Monthly once the accounts of each group was verified.

-Close interaction with NABARD and project office, Kanyakumari and Thirunelveli Districts.

-20 New SHGs were formed in addition to the existing 7 SHGs.

-Savings and bending activities were functional properly.

- Efforts on SHG ranking, revolving fund, Bank loan etc were regularly followed.

-100 children benefited out of the Nursery school during the year.


-Activities carried on for forming new SHGs in the working area.

-Weekly and Monthly meetings were carried on regularly in all the SHGs formed.

-Savings account correspondence with Bank and lending practices were properly done.

-Co-ordination of the SHGs organized monthly once regularly at Thalakulam office.

-Input sessions, books of account verification were carried regularly at periodical basis.

-Pre-schooling of children under the age group of 3 to 5 was functioning in five centers.

-SHG members were referred for skill development Training for income generation activities.

-Arranged awareness camps for women sanitation, savings and income generation programs.

-11 New SHGs formed in 5 villages. Altogether 38 SHGs formed so far.

-Two SHGs got revolving fund from DRDA Kanyakumari District.

-Thalakulam DOWCRA Self Help Group received Rs.1,20,000 with 50% for the development of pottery industry.

-Three SHGs received Bank loans for the development of SHGs.

-7 SHG members of Cheruppancode and Thalakulam obtained Jute product making skills.

-5 members from Kadayal SHGs gained knowledge on Mushroom cultivation techniques.


-SHG formation activities carried out.

-Trails out getting Bank loan were in progress among the groups formed.

-SHG co-ordination meeting conducted once in a month at Thalakulam station office.

- Conducted one day training program for Pottery SHGs. District collector, DRDA officials and BDOs took part as guests for this program.

-10 new SHGs were formed during the year.

-18 SHGs got Bank loan.

-120 children got pre schooling using the

Nursery schools.


-Activities like formation of New SHGs, conducting SHG, Co-ordination meeting, Training to the SHG members for administering the SHGs, trails for Bank loans etc were undertaken.

-10 New SHGs were formed in addition to the 48 SHGs already formed.

-8 SHGs were provided Bank loan from Pandiyan Grama Bank, Thisaianvilai.

-A number of other SHGs got loan from local banks.

-SHG formed by CSD were federated.


-New SHG formation, Training to the SHG members regarding administering the SHGs, Books of account keeping , Bank linkage, credit facilities, economic activities etc. were undertaken during the year.

-From 1st July 2003 CSD became a partner NGO of Mahalir Thittam.

-Under this three of CSD staff completed 5 days A&R and SHG TOT training conducted at YMCA, Kanyakumari.

-With the help of Mahalir Thittam we trained 45 SHG members.

-Conducted two EDP training to SHG members.

-The existing 59 SHGs saved an amount of Rs.13,14,345/-.

-Total Bank loan availed to SHGs is Rs.54,14,014/-



-Network meeting of SHGs had been organized every month and discussed the following subjects.

- Bank Linkage

- Credit facilities

- Training on management

- Economic activities.

-Also conducted A&R and TOT training under Mahalir Thittam four EDP trainings were provided to SHG members.

-Participated exhibition under Mahalir Thittam.

-Formed 110 SHGs in different parts of the Districts.-15 men SHGs were formed.

-Total savings of the SHGs till date is R.3,16,575/-.-Total loan amount received from Banks in 87,70.120/-

-Loans CSD provided to income generation activities to SHG members is Rs/12,50,000.

-CSD promoted SHGs participated in 6 exhibitions organized by Mahalir Thittam Nagercoil.


-Network meeting of SHGs had been conducted once in a month at the CSD office. During the meeting the following were discussed.

- Bank linkages.

- Credit facilities.

- Training

- Economic activities.

-Under Mahalir Thittam A&R and TOT training provided 108 SHGs.

-Total number of SHGs formed till date including 21 men SHG is 146.

-Total savings of all SHGs is Rs.35,18,576.

-Total Bank Loan received by SHGs is Rs.1,32,16,200.

-Loan provided by CSD for income generation activities is Rs.22,00,000.


-Once in a month SHG network meeting organized at the respective clusters. SHG promotion, Bank linkages, economic activities for income generation were discussed during the meeting.

-Other activities such as Health & Sanitation, social activities such as solid waste management, water purification, Mothers day, Women’s day, World AIDS day etc were also discussed in the meeting.

-So far CSD promoted 186 SHGs. Also promoted 42 men SHGs.

-Total savings of all SHGs is Rs.2,84,46,000.

-Total loan received from Banks is Rs.2,52,27,000.

-Total loan received through CSD for income generation activities is Rs.40,00,000.


-SHG promotion activities such as Monthly networking meetings, Training on Account keeping, monitoring SHGs, Bank linkages, economic activities for income generation were imparted to the SHG representatives.

-A&R and TOT training under Mahalir Thittal was provided to 202 SHGs so far.

-EDP training was also provided to the SHGs.

-Took part in the exhibitions organized by Mahalir Thittam in different places.

-Provided managerial skill development training to SHGs.


-Formed 242 SHGs in different parts of the district including 42 men SHGs.

-All the SHGs saved Rs.2,84,46,000.

-Total loan received from Banks is Rs.2,52,27,000.

-Loan Distributed for income generation activities through CSD is Rs.40,00,000.

-531 SHG members obtained skills on forming and maintaining of SHGs, document keeping, rating, grading, Auditing etc.


-SHG network meeting conducted once in a month and discussed about the functioning of the SHGs.

-Under Mahalir Thittam 195 SHGs were provided A&R and TOT training during the year.

-SHGs promoted by CSD took part in 6 exhibitions organized in different places.

-Under Mahalir Thittam CSD arranged 3 months skill development training in pottery to SHG members.

-Regular monthly meeting of the SHG network was organized at CSD office and discussed about the activities undertaken by the SHGs.

-A&R and TOT training was organized to 18 SHGs during the year.

-Participated in four exhibitions organized by Mahalir Thittam.

-Conducted 3 months skill development training in computer to SHG members.

-Among the SHGs promoted by CSD 207 SHGs saved Rs.1,07,21,500.

-Rs.2,21,68,317 had been landed to the respective group members as loan by its own savings.

-Total loan from Bank during the year is Rs.1,47,68,000.

-Rs.32,50,000 had been provided as loan to 185 SHG members for income generation activities through CSD.

-207 SHGs saved an amount of Rs.1,51,37,500.

-40 SHGs received Rs.66.08,200 as loan from their respective banks.

-Two SHGs received Rs.5,00,000 for establishing production units on Readymade Garments and Pottery through CSD.

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