Health and Sanitation


Name of the project

Activities carried out


Propagating sanitation by introducing low cost latrines among SC population in Kurunthencode Block.

-Constructed 100 latrines in the selected 15 hamlets at the rate of about 7 units in each hamlet.

-Maintenance of latrines was  explained to all the  beneficiaries




HIV/AIDS control program  – TANSACS, Chennai

-Kaliakkavilai and Aralvoimozhi were the working villages.

- Identified the STD infected  and referred to treatment in   the          

   Govt.Hospitals.- Conducted counseling to the STD infected.

- Distributed condom, Demonstrated the  application of condom.-     

  Conducted camps for  youths.- Observed World AIDS Day.

-World Blood Donation day  observed.


HIV/AIDS-Intervention – TANSACS, Chennai

-Orientation about the  dangers of HIV/AIDS had  been                 

   availed to the identified  CSWs/WIPs/PIMPs behavior -

-Demonstration of condom,  condom distribution outlet, -Medical camps were  organized for the  identification of     HIV/AIDS  infected.


World AIDS day – APAC, Chennai

-Exhibition and Women Rally-Women Convention.


STD/HIV/AIDS Intervention program -TANSACS,Chennai

CSWs meetings, PIMPs meetings, General Health  camp, STD health camp, lodge owners meetings,  cultural activities,

 Cycle rally was arranged on  the eve of the World AIDS

 day on 1st December 2004.


World AIDS Day program -  TANSACS, Chennai


World AIDS day had been observed by CSD from 1-12-2005 to 31-12-2005 throughout Melpuram block of Kanyakumari District.


STD/HIV/AIDS Intervention – TANSACS, Chennai

 STD patients identification and referral, HIV/AIDS infected people identification  etc were also carried out.



STD/HIV/AIDS Intervention program – TANSACS, Chennai

       - do -


General intervention HIV/AIDS among migrants in Kanyakumari District.



General Intervention on STI, HIV/AIDS among migrants in Kanyakumari District.

Conducted awareness camps, one to one interaction, one to group meetings, general health camps, STD health camps, lodge owners meetings, cultural activities, Peer educators meetings , staff training etc.Condom distribution, STD patients identification and referral, HIV/AIDS infected identification etc were also done.


STD/HIV/AIDS prevention program for migrant population Koodankulam village of Tirunelveli District. – APAC VHS, Chennai

-Conducted awareness camps, one to one  interaction, one to one group  meetings, General Health camps, Lodge owners

 meetings, Cultural activities, Peer Educators meetings, staff training etc. Other activities such as condom distribution & demonstration, HIV/AIDS infected identification and referral etc were conducted.


HIV/AIDS Intervention for core Group in Kanyakumari District – APAC-VHS, Chennai

-The project covered  Thuckalay, Kurunthencode and Thovalai Blocks of  Kanyakumari District.

- FSW and MSM are the Target group.

-Conducted one to one  interactions, one to group sessions, counseling  services, condom promotion, cultural training, advisory  committee meetings, advocacy meetings, cluster

 convention, exhibitions,  street plays, Peer educators training, STD affected  identification & referral etc.


HIV/AIDS Intervention for core group in

Kanyakumari District – APAC-VHS, Chennai

-The project covered Thuckalai, Kurunthencode  and Thovalai Blocks of  Kanyakumari District.-FSW & MSM  are the target  people.-Conducted one to one  interaction, one to group  sessions, counseling  services, condom promotion, cultural training, Advisory  committee meeting,  Advocacy meetings,





STD/HIV/AIDS prevention of care & support program for highly vulnerable and mobile groups in Krishnagiri District – UNICEF Chennai

-The link workers  approached the high risk  groups and he vulnerable  young people in the  community such as partners/

 spouses of migrants, mobile populations, IDUs,  Usage of condom, STI management, VCTC,  ICTC, PPTCT etc. Also  advised them to reduce  stigma and descrimination  against PLHA and their  families.-Conducted World AIDS day awareness Rally at Krishnagiri.




STD, HIV/AIDS prevention among (FSW)and (MSM)  - APAC-VHS, Chennai

-The project area is Kurunthencode, Thovalai and Thuckalai Blocks of  Kanyakumari District.-World AIDS day program  with the theme of “Universal  Access on Human Rights” focused on HIV/AIDS positive -District level Team training  focused on Master Health   Checkup program conducted  on the second week of  January 2011.


2009 -2010 


2010 -2011


Development of SC community by establishing sustainable enterprises with S&T intervention in Ilayanainarkulam settlement in Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu. – DST, New Delhi.

-Infrastructure development  such as construction of  training centre, erection of  machines for the training  were done.

-Provided training in banana  fibre and tailoring

-Provided backyard poultry  and stall fed goat rearing to  the selected beneficiaries.

-Constructed low cost  latrines and soakage pits for  Sanitary facility.

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