CSD in charity Activities


Name of the activity



Relief services to Tsunami victims

-Distributed 24 sewing machines to the selected Tsunami women victims.

-Distributed 19 cycles to the Tsunami affected families for assisting their income generation activities.

-Also distributed 50 bags of cement to repair the damaged houses.

-Established 5 water filter units and sanitation facilities.


Water facilities program.

-Distributed 160 individual clay filtration units to Periavilai, Chinnavilai, Parapattu, Kootumangalam and Azhad Nager Tsunami victims.

-Also constructed 3 community rain water harvesting systems and 4 individual rain water harvesting systems to the above villages.

-Water recharging facility of the villages strengthened through the above activities.


Charity services to HIV/AIDS affected and orphan & helpless students –

-Distributed 36 nos. of dress materials to the HIV infected in terms of money.

-Also distributed note books to 87 helpless and orphan students.


Social works undertaken for the deserving people in the target community

-Distributed dress materials in terms of money to 40 HIV infected.

-Provided note books to 91 poor students for helping them in their studies.

-Distributed Rs.21500/- for medical expense to a staff who had met with an accident.


Charity services by CSD

- Distributed dress materials and gifts to HIV infected.

- Note books and uniforms were distributed to the  deserving and orphan students.

-  Medical expense to the needy people.

-  Helped the handicaps both from Aatharavookaikal and Govt.schemes.

-   Finance support was made to the poor widows for promoting their business


Social works provided by CSD

-  During the year CSD provided note books and uniforms to the deserving students selected by the SHGs.

-Also provided financial support to the widows for the promotion of their occupation.

-Social services activities for availing Govt. schemes such as widows pension, pension for the aged, ration card, replacing katcha houses, planting trees etc. were undertaken for the eligible target community.-Imported awareness about hygiene and diseases and evils of plastic.

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