Project Strategical approach


  1. Mapping or surveying the resource available in targeted area.  Finding our problems faced by the targeted people in the same area.
  2. Finding the existing skill research in the targeted area.
  3. Possibilities of solving the problem are faced by the targeted community.

Staff Recruitment
As per the funder’s agreement we have selected the suitable candidates for working as a project staff of the particular programme.

Formation of Advisory/Advocacy
Formation of Advisory committee and Advocacy Committee for each and every project.

Formation of SHGs/Association
Formation of SHGs, Youth clubs, Artisan Association etc. for implementing the programme.

Motivation/Awareness Programme
Conducting motivation and awareness camps regarding the programme and its benefits in future upgradation.

Implementation of Programme
Project implementing through special programmes permittable by the funder.

Creating infra/workshed
For implementing the programme, as per project budget we have procured the equipments and constructing workshed.