Future Carreer

1. Community development activities
  • Forming more Self Help Groups.
  • Association for Sea Shell worker, Coconut tree climbers, Coir workers, , Dalits federation etc.

Programme for shelter

  • Providing durable houses for the needy people.
  • Undertaking innovations in the local building materials and construction techniques.

2. Education

  • Promotion of primary education system by making provisions for Pre-School arrangements, moral and talent development activities.
  • For artisans establishing centers in different locations for their skill up-gradation in  scientific ways. 
  • Promotion of occupational based education systems.
3. Health related activities

  1. Rehabilitation Programmes for HIV affected & infected people and activities related to the   elimination of stigma and discrimination.
  2. Undertaking programmes for RCH, Self Hygiene for female child, women etc.
  3. Programmes for gender issues, sexually abused and other health related issue.
  4. Programmes for safe drinking Water and sanitation programme- state wise.
  5. Arrangements for Short stay and old age homes state wise.

4. Income generation activities

  • Establishing demonstrative and replicable models for the viable industries  like pottery, fiber, coir production, building materials preparation etc., in different Districts)
  • Conducting   R & D activities for the creation of viable enterprises by local resource development activities.
  • Popularizing the indigenous medical system by herbal cultivation, preparation of medicines, practicing and marketing.
  •  Safe guarding bio-diversity by sustainable eco- farming, bio-manure preparation etc.
  • Undertaking water shed management programmes.

1. Micro credit activities.

  • Financial support to viable and sustainable micro enterprises.
  • Networking with financial institutions for economic support

2. Mainstream activities

  1. Tribal  Socio – economic development activities.
  2. Dalit empowerment programmes.
  3. Child labour  abolition activities.

3. Other activities.

  • Establishing nodal center which can function as station for Research, Training, Models establishment, accommodation etc.
  • Strengthening the Networking of the existing NGOs, research institutions and work for common cause.
  • Establishing regional centers in the state to guide monitor and evaluate the programmes being supported and implemented in co-ordination with CSD.  


We are social activists continues our intervention activity with the limited fund floated from Indian Government and few well fishers. The need in the gross root level is enormous and the amount floated against this could meet a portion. It is therefore a humble submission with well fishers, philanthropist, and sponsors etc., to take over this endeavor and meet the actual need of the depressed and discarded.