Artisanal Program


Year : 2001-2002 & 2002-2003

Title of the program & supporting agency

Optimizing the fabrication and designing of red clay utility wares (cooking & serving) – UNDP-KVIC, Mumbai

Activities carried out
  • Heat absorption capacity of clay pots in terms of metallic vessels was experimented and graphed.

  • Heat retaining capacity of  these vessels was tested and  graphed.

  • In fabrication of some wares  Jigger and Jolly machine  was used.

  • Thermal shock resistance for different clay composition was undertaken.

  • Conducted a workshop with  NGOs , potters etc including  Govt. officials.

Year : 2002-2003 & 2003-2004

Title of the program & supporting agency

Dissemination of improved technology package for Artisan pottery in Kanyakumari District – CAPART, New Delhi

Activities carried out
  • Techno economic/Viability  assessment also had been studied. 


Year : 2002-2003

Title of the program & supporting agency

Design Development workshop on pottery craft - UNDER AHVY Scheme

Activities carried out
  • Practical training on wheel  work, coiling system, hand  made, pressing by using  moulds were availed to the  trainees.

  • Few designs such as utility  products, decorative  products, toys, figurines,  murals were designed.. 

Year : 2003-2004

Title of the program & supporting agency

Creating Marketing avenue and Training


Year : 2005-2006

Title of the program & supporting agency

Cut pots preparation training project. - Tamil Nadu women Development Corporation

Activities carried out
  • Cut pot preparation training  to 30 beneficiaries from different communities were  provided for a duration of 2 months.

Year : 2006-2007

Title of the program & supporting agency

Design innovation and standardizing pottery kulhars fabrication – DST, New Delhi

Activities carried out
  • Introduced effective clay processing methods, efficient firing & reducing breakage for bring down the production cost.

  • Comparative study was conducted for find out the cost effectiveness.

Year : 2006-2007

Title of the program & supporting agency

Periphetic training in pottery Industry for pottery artisans – KVIC, Mumbai

Activities carried out
  • Muttaikadu village was  selected for undertaking the  training program.

  • Preparation of clay and fabrication of different varieties of products were carried out to the trainees

  • KVIC provided 10 nos. of  electrically operated potters  wheel to 10 beneficiaries.

Year : 2007-2008 & 2008-2009

Title of the program & supporting agency

Uplifting the status of tribal in Vellambimalai by Science & Technology intervention in pottery.

Activities carried out
  • Orientation on the socio- economic situation of the society and the need for the skill development training was entrusted among the tribal.

  • All the technical aspects of  pottery were trained to the  trainees including Science  and Technology  intervention.

  • Exposure visits were arranged for gaining addition knowledge on the techniques of the industry.

  • Skills on entrepreneurship  was entrusted to the through  arranging exhibitions,  financial management  sessions, market analysis  etc.


Year :2011-2012

Title of the program & supporting agency

Skill Development Initiative on Micro Enterprise  Development programme for rural poor people.

Activities carried out
  • Under this programme four trades were sanctioned for training.  They were:

    • Fabrication of Pottery Products
    • Garment making and Embroidery
    • Banana Fiber products
    • Herbal medicine preparation

The trainees improved their skill on the particular trade

  • Adding creativity to the existing trade to produce value added products.

  • Development in managerial and marketing aspects.

  • Practical approach to solve the problem of unemployment.