We have conducted a one village development program for SC people in Illayanainarkulam village of Radhapuram Block, Tirunelveli District.  During the project implementation period we found that there are 1500 acres of unutilized temple land around the Illayanainarkulam village.  We discussed with the temple authorities and obtained the land on lease for the SC people to cultivate different crops.  Now a farmers club has been formed wth 60 SC farmers having 463 acres of leased land which could be utilized for cultivation.  Since it is a temple land on lease, these poor SC people could not get any credit facilities from financial institution or Govt. schemes for cultivation purpose.  Some of the farmers have started cultivation in this land with their limited resources.  The rest of the lands are barrier.  By this we request any donors to help these poor SC farmers and continue their primary occupation of agricultural development.